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2013 Horse boarding, overnight boarding, monthly boarding

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(Time: 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

April 13, 2013 -- Saturday



(April classes and patterns)

Schooling Class (5 minute limit)  $15.00 (no pay-out)

Open – Pattern #9  $30.00

            Definition: Open – Open to all riders and horses (1-handed in any legal bridle)

Non-pro – Pattern #11  $30.00

            Definition: Non-pro – Open to all Non-pro (See NRHA hand book definition) Riders on any horse (1 handed in any legal bridle)

Green Horse – Pattern #8 & #5  $60.00

            Definition: Open to all horses that have NOT won $100 in lifetime earnings. May ride 2 handed in any bridle. There will be two go-rounds.  20% paid in 1st, 20% paid in the 2nd, 60% goes to average.  1st pattern #6, 2nd pattern #2.

Green Rider – Pattern #6 & #8  $60.00

            Definition: Green rider – Open to all riders who have NOT won $100 in lifetime earnings.  May ride 2-handed in any bridle.  There will be two go-rounds.  20% paid in 1st, 20% paid in 2nd, 60% goes to average.  1st pattern #5, 2nd pattern #8.

Youth (10and under)* – Pattern #12  $10.00

Youth (13 and under)* – Pattern #5  $10.00

Youth (14-18)* – Pattern #5  $10.00

*Note: All youth classes on any horse , 2-handed in any bridle. Youth 13 and under and Youth 14 thru 18 are run concurrent.

50% of fees will be retained and 50% will be jackpotted












2011 construction of new indoor horse arena and stalling barns


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